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Can you recite our text map with actions?!


We have been busy learning about dilemma stories in English. The model text we are learning is called The baseball cap.

Can you practise paragraph 1 and 2 at home?

Innovation week


We have spent our last full week of school doing Innovate Week. During this time the teachers don’t teach! Instead we work in groups to show other classes and parents everything we have learnt about our topic. We plan our projects for each lesson of the day, then earn a star if we complete what we set out to do. On the final day, parents and Year 6 children were invited to view our work and we taught them what we had learnt. Some groups focussed on planets, but others looked at the moon landings, space travel or solar eclipses.


We made models, iMovie projects, food, posters, booklets and even performed some drama. We have some photos to share below to show off our amazing work.