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Alfie and Teddy out of the cage!!


Can you guess who ate the most?!

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Can you retell the apple lesson? 🍏


Miss Goodenough taught us some lessons on kindness and friendships.

Can you retell the story of the apples to someone at home?

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A new way to learn!


We have explored different ways to learn.

It was really fun we had to pretend we were detectives and we had to remember our Learning objective!

Can you remember some of the things we did?

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No school uniform!


Today it’s world book day,so everybody has dressed up as a character from their favourite book. In the afternoon, we did some world book day activities like; word searches,crosswords,quizzes and more! Everyone was a different character and we all had fun.

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Can you comment which books we are characters from?

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Have you looked at our spellings yet?


Remember you can use the website shown to help you!

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Text mapping!


Can you remember all of the actions for our text map so far?

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Sounds sensational!



We had a brilliant time,we got to make our own song and we learnt about their jobs and what instrument they were playing -we had a very musical morning!

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Computing with Year 3


On Tuesday, year five went into year three  to help them with their computing class. Year three needed help with their links and debugging on scratch.  They all had lots of fun!

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Art attack




Grasshoppers have been learning different shades and added them to their fruit and vegetable drawings. They had a lot of fun, challenging themselves (by drawing hard fruits like an avocado). We also gave some of our vegetables to our crazy class creatures (Teddy and Alfie). 

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Can you recite our text map with actions?!


We have been busy learning about dilemma stories in English. The model text we are learning is called The baseball cap.

Can you practise paragraph 1 and 2 at home?

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